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singer songwriter.


human being.

about whitney

Whitney currently lives in Southeastern Wisconsin. She is a creative with a passion for music.

Whitney was born and raised in Southern Indiana to a family of devoted Country Baptists. There she developed her love for sound and harmony, as well as a deep respect for family and her fellow man.

Whitney has lived a lot of places, earning her the title of "Wandering" Whitney Rose.

Settling in Wisconsin until her 3 children are grown, Whitney has decided to dig down deep and plant roots in the local music scene, where she aspires to love the world through her music, and to inspire other creatives to dig deep and find their unique gifts and passion.

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place amongst the stars

an original song

Whitney is an enormously talented musician and all round beautiful human being. I could listen to her sing all day long! Her original compositions are amazing and insightful and her covers are always fresh, yet respectful of the original material. Whitney does not disappoint!

-Sally Rego- Wasinack

Sallybobally Studios

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Whitney has an amazing energy and beautiful voice to match. I've had the opportunity to listen to and play with Whitney, and I can't recommend her enough. Unless of course you don't like good music.... then of course, Whitney isn't gonna be your thing.

In all honesty, she's one of my favorite singers living or dead, and that isn't an exaggeration.

-Owen Brand

Tweedy St. Studios

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Whitney is incredibly talented. Her original work rugs at my heart and makes me feel like I belong in this place, even if just for those few minutes. The way she tells life through song and expresses herself is amazing. And the soul she puts in covers is also great! I always get a smile on my face and want to dance!

-Ashton Hageman

Gaia Energy Creations

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Spring of 2023, Whitney had the opportunity to be featured on an Appleton based platform called Live in the Lobby. Their mission is to find and showcase often overlooked artists in the Wisconsin music scene. Watch her full episode on YouTube, and follow the Live in the Lobby Movement, as they continue to showcase amazing local artists!

live in the lobby

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cbs 58 with

Alex corradetti

Alex invited Whitney on air for her third appearance in 2 months to talk about her upcoming show at Summerfest 2023. Watch as she shares her original song, It's Ok, Live on Air.

Read the article here!!

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TMJ4 article

by James Groh




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music mashup


alex corradetti

Alex invited Whitney on air for her second appearance on Racine and Me, Music Mashup. Watch her perform her original song, Place Amongst the Stars.

Read the article here!

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contact to book

Whitney books independently, as well as through multiple reputable agents in the SE Wisconsin area.

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Whitney loves playing live at local venues, where she can play her favorite mix of cover songs and original music.

Whitney crosses many different genres with her Cover Selection. She flows effortlessly from the Beatles to Brandi Carlile. Catch her singing an Eva Cassidy tune one moment, only to follow through with some Johnny Cash.

She brings each song to life with her own individual conceptualization.

Songs come to life when Whitney sings them.

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Live footage captured by the amazingly talented Jon Guzman

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This is a short compilation video created to give a taste of a few of the songs that Whitney plays, all from the intimacy of her living room.

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upcoming events

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Building community through workshops and jams is something Whitney is passionate about. She is involved in quite a few community projects which encourage co-creation, and provide a safe space for fellow creatives to express themselves.

Without an encouraging environment, most creatives never receive the support necessary to birth their brilliance.

Let's change that!

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